Summons, Judgements and Court Orders

Receiving a summons is serious business and should not be ignored, failure to respond could lead to conviction of contempt of court or cause you to lose your assets without having a say in the matter.

A summons from the magistrates court usually requires response within 10 business days, while the High Court usually requires 10 to 10 business days ( Excluding Saturdays , Sundays and public Holidays ).

If you have received a summons it is very important for you to contact an attorney right away to access your options.

Following a summons a court will hear a matter and make a judgement, this may include attaching your property to settle the outstanding debt, not only will you lose your valuable asset but your credit record will be marked for a period of five years.

If the Sheriff shows up to your house or work with an order of the court to attach any of your assets , you have little option but to comply. We suggest that people take proactive steps long before they get to this stage to safeguard their assets and their credit records. Debt review if operated correctly and applied for in time can be a viable alternative and provides protection to the customer preventing their creditors from taking further legal action.